Mobile Device Ownership Registration!

We are proud to find a way to secure your mobile device. we make sure that your mobile device is under your ownership. simply you have to sign up by using some basic informations. to register your mobile device you have to get imei by dialing *#06# and add it under your ownership. Thieves can no more sale your mobile phone when a retailer or buyer will check for IMEI ownership, of your mobile device.

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Retail Outlets

We offer services for retailers. And for all sales outlets like sales reports along with customer ownership receipt even retailer can print ownership transfer letters.

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Users can register their Devices IMEI number to keep in ownership no buyer will buy devices until IMEI Books official verification of ownership. As in search IMEI option

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Buyers and retailers can maintain online ownership for individual devices and can print ownership forms and keep in records in our online enhanced database

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