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Mobile phone imei info

Why we made IMEIBOOK?

Mobile phone security using imei info: Actually my friend who is running a mobile shop has been facing a common problem, My friend purchased a used mobile. After purchasing he came to know that mobile was reported stolen. He had to face legal actions this situation compelled me to create such a useful site to make secure your handy mobile phone. In a simple and interesting way it helps you to save your device and money.
Dear users its very simple and interesting way to use Following simple steps can secure you mobile device for lifetime.

1: Signup !

2: Add your device to imei info database !

Now the question arises that what the benefits of all this process. When you register your mobile and fill up the signup form as required, your data will be saved in our online database. Unfortunately if your mobile is stolen or lost. But luckily you can report it to by single click and when your stolen mobile comes to the market for sale, retailer will search for the ownership by entering IMEI number to and will find your provided data in which your NAME, CNIC and MOBILE NUMBER is already included. And visible in your ownership.

The retailer may contact you and there is the strong possibility to get your device back. In this way it would be difficult to sale out the stolen mobile device for the professional thieves.

In this way thieves and other intruders will be discouraged and it highly involves getting your device back. Rather then if your mobile caught engaged in illegal activities then there is no problem for you because you have already reported your mobile stolen to specific date. You will not responsible for any misuse.

So your mobile safe, your future safe evens you too safe.

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