What is IMEI number ?

IMEI number is used to identify mobile devices. IMEI number also can be used for security purpose like to prevent theft. Because a mobile device has universal identification, thief cannot his SIM card on a phone. Or can be tracked by authorities. IMEI numbers are hard coded into mobile devices chipset. Making impossible to change With out damaging the device. When we report stolen mobile device carrier can blacklist the IMEI number and lock it Out for network registration, IMEIBook is also working in this way. We offer users to register their IMEI number right Under their ownership. And make sure to secure users device identity. Because from carriers database no information’s are available publically. No one can verify any owner of a specific device. But IMEIbook offers solutions for this problem. From search IMEI option in IMEIbook you can check ownership of any IMEI number If related user has registered it to our database.

Post By: Waqas Anjum